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Post Apocalyptic Earth (Eclipse Phase-ish)


What is your character’s name? Jacob Mason

Does the character have a nickname? Jake

What is your character’s hair color? Eye color? Brown hair. Blue eyes.

What kind of distinguishing facial features does your character have? Scruffy Beard (razors are a luxury item)

What about scars? Multiple small scars. How did he get them? TITAN’s and drones, and swarms and ferals and … etc…

Who are your character’s friends and family?
Family (wife <susan> and 5-year-old son <jack>) – as far as he knows – disappeared in the war. Assumed dead.

Who does he surround himself with? Dog. (Sam) Who are the people your character is closest to? Sam.
Who does he wish he were closest to? Susan and Jack… though the hope is weak…

Where was your character born? Anaheim, CA

Where has he lived since then? Business class

Where does he call home? Kansas City

What is his biggest fear? That his wife and son died.

Average Joe, early 30’s, had to learn how to survive. Jake was on business trip when shit went down and returned to an empty house with a note from wife saying they had gone to beanstalk to get off world. When we meet our survivor, he is several weeks into his journey to the beanstalk in LA. He is around Topeka.
Jake was an emergency services equipment sales equipment.
335 SW through Kansas to Witchita
GOAL: Get to the beanstalk to get off planet and find family
Short term goal is get to Wichita for supplies etc.


Feral humans
Rogue AI
TITAN elements are about

Will his desire to be reunited with his family be enough to overcome the hope-crushing apocalypse that has completely overwritten the life he once knew and how much of himself is he willing to overwrite in his quest to survive against the biological and robotic horrors of post-TITAN Earth?

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